Always the best price - Guaranteed!

At H.W. Larsen, we provide a Price Match Guarantee on all our products. This means that you can always be sure to receive superior products - at the absolutely best price! This is something we can guarantee! And if you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will of course match the price. That's just the way we are. That's why we are the best retailer of kitchenware for all professional and private kitchens.

For the Price Match Guarantee to apply, the product must be exactly the same model as the one you purchased.

You must bring or mail us proof that the goods can be bought somewhere else. The documentation can for instance be a flyer or a catalog from the store where you found the item cheaper.

You must be aware that the Price Match Guarantee does not apply forever. Price Match Guarantee applies within 14 days from the billing date, if you find the product cheaper somewhere else after this time, then you can not claim for payment of the difference

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