The following general terms and conditions for sales and delivery apply to the sellers delivery of goods and services, to the extent that they have not been changed by written agreement.


In all other cases, Danish sales law and ordinary Danish law is applicable.


Any conditions set by the buyer, will apply only if expressly agreed in writing by both parties.



Unless otherwise agreed, payment is to be made 20 days after the date of the invoice.


When payment is made after the due date, interest rates will be calculated at 1.5% per month started. Interest is compounded monthly, so that the seller is entitled to charge compound interest.



Any sales are subject to retention of ownership of the property until the entire purchase price of the goods is paid. This means that in case of lack of timely payments the seller can take back the goods sold and hold any residual claims against the buyer. Residual claims are calculated as the difference between the price the seller can achieve in an open market for the products reclaimed, and the amount due under the agreement for the purchase (plus the cost of repossession and cover sales).


The seller is not obliged to make a formal assessment of the product in advance of such coverage sales, but will of course endeavour to obtain the best possible price. In the case that the withdrawn product cannot be sold within a reasonable period, the seller is entitled to dispose of the goods and make the full claim applicable to the purchaser.


Sellers claims under Danish law standard rulings are maintained regardless of the content of the agreed retention of ownership.


When the seller enforces retention of ownership, the seller shall be entitled to immediately require the goods returned from the buyer.


Seller does not have to seek court assistance to require such a return of goods, as the parties at the time of sale has agreed upon the sellers right to require the return in case of the buyers failure to make timely payment of the purchase price. Any attempt made by the seller to persuade the buyer to meet his payment obligations does not mean that the sellers right to retention of ownership lapses.


When selling to private customers, it is assumed that the purchase price is paid no later than at the transfer of the goods to the buyer.

In exceptional cases, the seller may decide to grant the private buyer a brief deferred payment in writing. In such cases, the seller reserves the ownership of the goods sold until the entire purchase price is paid (see the whole of point 3).


Designated agreement deferring the payment can for consumers purchases be made only when the order exceeds DKK 2000 and only when the buyer immediately pays at least 20% of the sales price

Delayed delivery:


Seller is not responsible for any delay in delivery if the delay is due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond the sellers control, including import and / or export bans and labor disputes of any kind.


If complete or timely delivery is temporarily hindered as a result of the aforementioned circumstances, delivery time is postponed for a period equal to the duration of the obstacle. Delivery on the postponed delivery date is considered in all respects as timely.


In case of delay due to the in section 4.1. mentioned situations, either Party shall be entitled by written notification to the other party to terminate the agreement if the delay has lasted for more than 3 months.


If any other reason for delay occurs, the buyer may cancel the agreement if the seller does not make delivery within 30 days after receiving written notice from the buyer.



In the event that defects are found in the goods within the 12 months following delivery, the seller is obliged to replace, deliver in full or repair the goods . Seller may select to carry out repairs rather than replacement or full delivery if this can be done without significant inconvenience to the buyer.


Buyer can not cancel the contract in whole or in part or claim a proportional reduction or compensation, unless the seller has committed gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Product liability:


Seller is only responsible for product damage in relation to the buyer, if proof is provided that injury is caused by errors or omissions committed by the seller.


Unless it is proved that the seller has acted with gross negligence or willful misconduct, the seller is not responsible for the following product damage.

    Damage to real or personal property occurring while the goods delivered are in the buyer's possession.

    Damage to products manufactured by the buyer.

Damage to products in which the by the buyer and / or third party manufactured products are included.


To the extent that the seller is held liable to third parties, the buyer shall indemnify the seller to the same extent as the seller's responsibility according to the provisions listed above is limited in relation to the buyer.

Limitation of liability and return of WEEE:


Seller is not responsible for indirect losses, including loss of profits or losses from the buyer's breach of its obligations to third parties unless the seller has acted with gross negligence or willful misconduct.


With regard to electrical and electronic equipment sold under this agreement, it is agreed that the buyer of the electrical and electronic equipment shall return electrical and electronic equipment to the seller's address on their own account. The seller is responsible for its own expense in regards to the handling of the waste according to §9.j. in the Environmental Protection Act.

Choice of court:


Any dispute between the seller and buyer regarding the origins, understanding or implementation of this contract must by choice of the seller be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen or by the buyer's general jurisdiction. In both cases the usual appeal access applies.


All prices on the website are exclusive of VAT. We make reservation for errors and changes in price. If you have questions about prices or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer registration and payment terms:

All Companies with a valid registration can be registered as a customer. With an account number it will be much easier to shop on our site, as all customer information is stored. With an account number you have minimum 8 days of credit, but you will be required to place payment up front on your initial order. To become a registered customer, we need the company name, address, ZIP code and telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and registration number. If the company is a sole proprietorship , we further need the owner's address and previous addresses within the last five years.

Private customers may choose to pay online using credit card, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners and Visa.

The stated shipping prices are only available within Denmark! Please contact us for details regarding delivery outside the country.


If the delivered products do not live up to expectations, or if there are missing items or your shipment is damaged, please call H.W.Larsen immediately after receipt.

If one or more the delivered goods are incorrect we will pay the costs associated with returning the product to us.

H.W.Larsen assumes no responsibility for returned goods getting lost along the way. It is the customers responsibility to provide proof of shipment, so any loss can be documented to the Postal services. On the other hand, we take full responsibility in ensuring that the goods reach the customer in the quickest and most reliable way possible.


If you wish to cancel your purchase, a 14-day return / cancellation policy is applied. If the products are individually manufactured / adapted, there is no right of return. Likewise there is no right of return for goods ordered especially for the customer, i.e. items which are not in our normal range - They are labeled 'B' in front of the item no., e.g. Bandsaw Blades, discontinued items etc.

Price increase:

Please note that new prices will be valid with immediate effect. Prices will be corrected continuously.

Shipping Rates:

We ship with Post Danmark or GLS to private and business customers. When spending more than 2000 DKK. ex. VAT we ship the order free of charge within Denmark. To get the tracking number allowing you to follow your package please send an email to

Sale of glassware and porcelain:

As it is difficult for our warehouse staff to send glassware and porcelain, these are sold only in whole boxes. Typically there will be 6 pcs in a box.


H.W.Larsen makes reservations for price changes, typing errors and supplier failures. For errors concerning inventory status, try contacting us before ordering.


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