Are you looking to open or renew your Danish business? We have a consultant near you.

No matter if you need a new oven, or everything in your place needs a touch-up. If you need some good advice for your new kitchen or a complete drawing for it, we are here to help! We have many years of experience with both large and small projects and we can handle everything, from the initial draft to the last details of furnishing and set-up.

We have 6 consultants covering all of Denmark, who are ready with their tape measure and excellent ideas - and who are more than willing to stop by you, with a great offer. Just contact a consultant in your area, and we will come by to show you what we can do. And if you decide it's not for you, all you will have spent is a bit of time - and maybe a cup of coffee.



Jutland and Funen


5060 9631

Jutland and Funen


2277 1313

Northern Jutland


5060 9628


Preben Gitte



2210 1127



2277 1616



5060 9634

Dan Skipper _hwl _dk Martin

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