Dear Customer!

When registering as a customer with H.W.Larsen A/S, we perform a credit check as a part of creating your account. Because of this, you will experience 1-2 days delay in creating your account. We also ask, that your first order on the new account, is paid in advance via bank transfer or by use of a credit card. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

We, at H.W.Larsen wish for our registered customers to have the best experience possible, as well as the best discounts. You may find it an advantage to you that we have a chat about this. Our skilled sales team is more than ready to talk to you, so please contact us via

Please note!

Private consumers cannot be registered in our customer database. This is due to the fact, that we are a catering supply wholesale business, who offer our business customers the opportunity to pay via invoice. As a private consumer, you are still very welcome to purchase your items from both our web shop and our physical shop, where you can pay with your credit card when you complete your order.

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