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Victorinox set of knives (10503)
Victorinox set of knives, wood handle, 3in1, top series
Victorinox set of knives
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 104.44
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 130.55)
Over 10 på lager
Apprentice packet for apprentices (ELEVKNIV)
9 items: Chef's knife, boning knife, julienne cutter, parisienne cutter, peeler, tourne knife, double peeler, kitchen knife and knife box
Apprentice packet for apprentices
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 57.97
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 72.46)
Back in stock shortly
Victorinox knife set (10232)
2 pcs: 19 cm, chef's knife and meat fork, Fibrox handle
Victorinox knife set
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 46.35
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 57.94)
Approx. 3 på lager
Tojiro Flash knife set (FFSET)
3 pcs: paring knife, 9 cm, 37 layers of steel - paring knife, 13 cm, 37 layers of steel - chef's knife, 21 cm, 63 layers of steel. Micarta handles. De…
Tojiro Flash knife set
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 382.22
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 477.78)
Approx. 6 på lager
Tojiro set of knives (FGIFTSETA)
Tojiro set of knives, 37 layers of Damascus steel, handmade, 3in1, black luxury box
Tojiro set of knives
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 218.30
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 272.88)
Approx. 5 på lager

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