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Whetting stone (112)
5x2,5x20 cm, grit 400/150, double-sided
Whetting stone
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 33.20
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 41.50)
Over 10 på lager
Whetting stone 4000 (F454)
21x7x2,2 cm, grit 4000, fine, w/ stand so it stays in place
Whetting stone 4000
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 111.28
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 139.10)
Over 10 på lager
Dick whetting stone (71360)
25x5x2.5 cm, grit 360/1000, orange/white
Dick whetting stone
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 43.55
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 54.44)
Over 10 på lager
Tojiro sharpening machine (F641)
Table model for home use
Tojiro sharpening machine
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 48.90
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 61.13)
Approx. 2 på lager
Grinding rail (F643)
Professional for sharpening stone
Grinding rail
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 144.70
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 180.88)
Approx. 7 på lager
Whetting stone 220 (F451)
21x8x5,5 cm, grit 220, Coarse
Whetting stone 220
Price excl. VAT:
GBP 100.14
(Price incl. VAT: GBP 125.18)
Approx. 6 på lager

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