H.W.Larsens workshop - professional sharpening of your knives and scissors.

- We help both private customers and professional chefs.

It is not necessarily the first thing on your mind, when you are hard at work in the culinary field. But when you go home after a long days work, your arms, wrists, shoulders, neck and back remind you. A blunt knife causes some of the worst tensions, so saving money on sharpness is a short term benefit. Sharp knives also help ensure less waste of delicious juices and thus, give your patrons and guests a supreme experience.

Sharp knives simply give you a cutting edge in the kitchen!

Knife sharpening is a difficult discipline. If it did not matter how your knives were sharpened, anybody could do it. It does matter, and this is why our skilled bladesmen take a year learning the different processes of sharpening. When we sharpen your knives, we first run them on a coarse strip, then a fine strip, then 2 different polishers and finally, we give them a finishing touch on the whetting stone. This technique has been developed over the past 80 years - and this is something we are very proud of. We sharpen som 800-1000 knives every week.

We can even sharpen serrated edges! It is a lie, that you cannot sharpen a bread knife - we can! First, we put your knife on a smooth strip, and then we add the serrated edge - one wave at a time.

We will not throw away your knife, even if it is chipped. Knives with chips, broken tips and many more flaws can be saved. It does make the knife a bit smaller, but because we even it out, you get the best possible knife back.

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions - but if you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us at vaerk@hwl.dk or on phone +45 3324 1122


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How do I use a sharpening steel?

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