Larsen Nice - a friend to the environment


There is a lot of discussion about sustainability and avoiding waste. And for good reason. That is why we are now introducing "Larsen Nice".
Larsen Nice is our way of showing that we take our responsibility for our planet seriously. Larsen Nice is how we are making a difference.


Larsen Nice means equipment that lasts.
It is easy to sell equipment that is "just" cheap – but it is not very sustainable. Instead we want to sell quality items at a good price, because good quality means that you experience less electricity consumption, fewer repairs and longer durability.


Larsen Nice means correct projects.
When the technical drawings and blueprints are correct and when everything has been taken into account, will mean no "unpleasant surprises" for you, and in fact, it often means that you save energy when e.g. your hoods are correct, furtermore, It also ensures a better indoor climate.


Larsen Nice is our thought of thought.
Our catalogues are printed on FSC certified paper, which costs a bit more, but is better for the environment. For your sake and for the sake of the environment.


Larsen Nice means sharp blades around the world!

In collaboration with Kokkeforening Denmark and our good friends in WACS, we now return all knives. Not
new, but used. As part of Larsen Nice, we want to help increase food quality in the rest of the world. And although our steps are small, we hope that many will give us their old knives. We will then sharpen them and send them to countries, where owning a knife is not a given, even if you're in the food industry.