Who is H.W.Larsen

H.W.Larsen A/S is a large kitchen supplier for private and businesses in Denmark and in the business of Gourmet, Cooking and Professional cookware.

The company is an older family business that was established on April 16, 1934 by Henry Werner Larsen and his wife Kristine. Back then, the company consisted entirely of a grinding shop and a small knife shop of just under 25 square meters. It was a slow start, but Henry and Kristine succeeded in keeping the small shop alive by being creative and thrifty. There were always a few knives that could be bought in the store, and a lot of empty boxes on the shelves, so it would seem like many more knives where for sale.

The occupation period was not fun, but with a little ingenuity, H.W.Larsen did not even suffer that bad at all. The slaughterhouses in Kødbyen were affected by the hard times, and it was much more sought after repairing the old gear, rather than buying new ones - and H.W.Larsen got some of these repair jobs.

After the war in 1946, the store was expanded and the hunt for additional staff started. After a short time, the small shop of 25 square meters began to need more space, and in 1961 it was time to fly to larger premises in Slagterboderne 21. And the shop flourished ever since.

For more than 85 years, the company has consistently delivered kitchen utensils to hotels, restaurants, butchers, chefs, fishmongers and anyone with a love for good food. After Henry Larsen, his sons Regner- and Steen Larsen took over, and in the year 2000, the current CEO Bo Larsen took over.
H.W.Larsen has continued to grow, and in 2007 larger storage facilities were established in Copenhagen’s suburbs to meet the increased requirements. Some years after, a second H.W.Larsen store was established right next to the main storage facility.

For many years H.W.Larsen was the supplier of established brands in the kitchen industry, but a few years back, the company started to develop their own brands. SENJEN, which consists of different knives and Larsens Bedste, which involves mixed cookware with everything from pots and pans to porcelain.